Eliminating Use of Flame for High Throughput Sterilization in Biosafety Cabinets

February 21, 2017

A professor of Microbiology at MSU has been able to eliminate the use of flame in their biosafety cabinet that had previously been used for high throughput microbiological procedures. They modified their procedures to concentrate more on aseptic technique and the use of 70% Ethanol disinfection for all materials prior to bringing them into the cabinet. The 70% Ethanol is used to clean the surface within the cabinet as well as prior to and just after use. They have gone from occasional contamination to NO contamination at all of their media since the implementation of this procedure. Their high throughput has not been compromised by this change and has actually increased efficiency.

Many disposable options are available for those needing higher throughput streaking methods. Incinerators, glass bead sterilizers and other flameless instruments may help to eliminate flame in cabinets. Please help us to increase awareness for eliminating flame in labs.

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