Obtaining Approval to Use Radioisotopes

Researchers wishing to work with radioactive material must do so in accordance with this University's NRC broad scope license. This requires that the research is permitted under the license through the radioisotope approval process. This process begins with completion and submission of the radioisotope approval application form.

Overview of the Radioisotope Application

Researchers completing an on-line radioisotope application can log into the system (see link below) by choosing their name from the drop-down menu and entering their PI access code (which can be obtained from EHS). If you have applications in the system already, you will see those listed on this page. To begin a new form click on the "Begin New App" button. You will be taken to a Table of Contents that show the different sections of the form that will need to be completed.

Things to Know When Filling Out the Application

  • Click the "Help" icon help for more information about a section.
  • Always click the SAVE button at the bottom of each section you are entering data. If you do not, the information you entered will not be saved to the system.
  • You may use the copy / paste function of your computer to enter large amounts of text in the description fields. Formatting will not be saved (i.e. tables or bolded text).
  • Each section will be marked as "Incomplete" until you have answered the required questions within that section. They will change to "Complete" once a section is finished. This gives you a visual as to where you are in filling out the application.
  • You may complete the form in whatever order you wish, but all sections must be completed before you will be allowed to submit the form.
  • A "SUBMIT" button will appear once all of the sections have been completed.
  • You may view your form at any time by clicking the "View Application" link on the left. This will open the form in a new window.

Overview of Review Process

Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Radiation Safety Staff. You will be notified if additional information about your research is needed or changes need to be made. The application will be distributed to the Radiation Safety Committee for review and approval. The committee may require additional information. The process can take up to 3 months depending on the next scheduled committee meeting. New Principal Investigators will be required to meet with the Radiation Safety Officer and have their proposed work space reviewed and to discuss their individual safety needs.

Begin Application

To start the application process, click the following link: Radioisotope Application