Personal dosimeters are worn only while working at Michigan State University and shall not be taken off campus or worn at other institutions. If you are assigned a dosimeter, wear only your own and do not loan, borrow or share dosimeters with other workers. Dosimeters are for monitoring any occupational dose received at MSU and do not provide any shielding or protection from radiation exposure.

Proper Use

  • Store away from radiation sources
  • Do not take them home
  • Wear only while working for Michigan State University
  • Wear ring badges on dominant hand and inside gloves facing up

MSU Dosimetry Requirements

  • Dosimetry for workers using beta emitting isotopes
    • High energy emitters (energies >= 0.5 MeV) (Examples: 32P, 36Cl, 90Sr)
      • Extremity (ring) badge for persons handling less than 10 mCi per container
      • Collar and extremity (ring) badge for persons handling 10 mCi or more per container
    • Low energy emitters (energies < 0.5 MeV) (Examples: 35S, 14C, 3H)
      • No dosimetry required; the energies of these isotopes are too low to penetrate the coating on the dosimeter
  • Dosimetry for workers using gamma emitting isotopes
    • High energy emitters (Examples: 111In, 51Cr, 22Na)
      • Collar and extremity (ring) badge
    • Low energy emitters (Example: 125I)
      • Collar badge for persons handling more than 100 µCi per container
      • No dosimeter for persons handling less than 100 µCi per container
  • Dosimetry for workers using ionizing radiation
    • Collar and extremity (ring) badges required
  • Pregnancy
    Contact the Radiation Safety Officer for information for pregnant workers at 355-0153 or

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