EHS Laboratory Safety Recognition Awards 2021

Dr. Yanlyang Pan- Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Pan is an Outstanding Multi-Lab Manager.  He does an outstanding job managing multiple Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering laboratories in the Engineering Research Complex. He is instrumental in assuring that lab safety requirements are understood and followed.

Aaron Walworth – Packaging

Mr. Walworth is an Outstanding Multi-Lab Manager.  He oversees all of the packaging laboratories and is clearly focused on regulatory compliance.  He maintains organization while supporting multiple Principal Investigators in the department. He ensured that inspectors had access to all necessary spaces. He was familiar with all the research occurring in the spaces and could answer lab-specific compliance questions for each PI.

Dr. Jetze Tepe- Chemistry 

Dr. Tepe has an Outstanding Laboratory. He has a well-organized laboratory, he and his students have actively sought out methods for improving lab safety.  Dr. Tepe always meets with the EHS inspector and returns his corrective actions (if any!) promptly, often having the issues corrected before we leave the lab. 

Dr. Stephanie Watts- Pharmacology and Toxicology Department

Dr. Watts has an Outstanding Cohesive Approach to Lab Safety. The lab had a really wonderful whole-lab approach to safety. Everyone clearly understood how to access things and could answer questions. A clear commitment to lab safety culture and a cohesive approach was apparent.

Dr. Jamie Bernard- Pharmacology and Toxicology

Dr. Bernard had an Outstanding 100% Compliant Laboratory. While there have been other 100% compliant labs, the laboratory organization and receptiveness of the lab technician made this lab a standout.

Dr. Brian Schutte- Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

The Schutte lab has an Outstanding Ability to Embrace Suggestions for Improvement. This laboratory really embraced our suggestions for improvement.  The technician used the inspection process as an opportunity to dispose of all unneeded materials and samples.  The lab was able to completely transform. The cleanout allowed them to really organize the work space creating a safer work environment.

Amy Porter- Investigative Histopathology Laboratory

Amy Porter has an Outstanding MSU Core Facility. The Investigative Histopathology at MSU under the management of Amy Porter makes safety a priority despite the large volume of samples and the diversity of work done. From chemical management to waste handling, Amy and the employees of the lab make sure that everything is correctly labeled and handled on a daily basis.

Dr. Berkley Walker- Department of Plant Biology
Dr. Walker has an Outstanding Lab. The entire Walker lab from PI, to lab manager, to postdocs and graduate students demonstrated great interest in the inspection process and discussion of lab safety during the EHS visit. This cohesive behavior demonstrated the type of relationship EHS wants to build with the research community to create a strong safety culture.

Dr. Shannon Manning- Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department

Dr. Manning has an Outstanding Lab. Dr. Manning’s commitment to safety is a constant part of her tenure. This reflects in the organization of the lab despite the large number of spaces and the complexity of work done.  She has had an open line of communication with EHS that we aspire every lab at MSU will take advantage of.

Dr. Lisa Tiemann -Plant Soil and Microbial Sciences

The Tiemann laboratory has Outstanding Student and Post-Doc Involvement. The enthusiasm and receptiveness of Sarah, Kristin and Violeta during the inspection process was evident. They took on the responsibility to not only clean and organize the spaces but also to better the lab and improve the safety for everyone.