DHS Chemicals of Interest

Department of Homeland Security sealMSU research laboratories and other facilities (e.g., farms, pool complexes) using or storing chemicals identified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as potential security risks must report this information to EHS. EHS compiles total chemical quantities across campus and reports the information to DHS as necessary. Thus, the University relies on campus personnel to complete this reporting obligation in a timely and accurate manner.

Based on end-user feedback, EHS has improved the format of the Chemicals of Interest survey worksheet. Look for an email in your inbox in April 2019 with a Chemicals of Interest survey worksheet attached. Please complete the survey and return it to EHS before May 1, 2019. Survey forms will be sent annually (and should also be submitted within 60 days of purchasing any chemicals on the list).

Resources and references to assist in completing the forms are provided below.

MSU Chemicals of Interest Worksheet

Regulatory References