Instructions for Completing Chemicals of Interest Worksheet

General information

For more information about your obligation to report Chemicals of Interest (COI) and the US Department of Homeland Security's CFATS program, go to:

COI Worksheet totals are reported to Homeland Security by building or facility.

  • Researchers, complete one COI Worksheet for all of your laboratories in a single building. If you have laboratories in more than one building, you must complete a COI Worksheet for laboratories in each building.
  • Facility managers, complete one COI Worksheet for all of your buildings at your facility. If you manage more than one facility, you must complete a COI Worksheet for each facility.

Send completed copies of COI Worksheet(s) by January 31st to: You will receive one reminder on January 15th.

Personnel who fail to submit a COI worksheet by January 31, 2018 will be indentified to MSU Administration, Federal, and/or State authorities if requested.


If you acquire a new chemical that is on the COI Worksheet during the year, you must resubmit a new COI worksheet to report your new acquisition within 60 days of acquiring it.

If you purchase significantly larger quantities of COI chemicals during the year than previously reported, you must resubmit a new COI Worksheet to report your new quantity levels within 60 days.

How to fill out the COI Worksheet

1. Take out your laboratory or facility's chemical inventory list.

2. Compare your chemical inventory list to the chemicals on the COI Worksheet.

3. If you have a match, indicate the amount currently have in the appropriate column. Use the units provided. Only report a COI if it is still in the original manufacturer's bottle, cylinder, canister and/or container with the original or replacement label. Do not report chemicals located in test tubes, beakers, vials, flasks, pans, mixing tanks, etc.

4. If you shipped a chemical on the spreadsheet during the past year, indicate the quantity you shipped in the last column.

5. If you do not have or did not ship any of the chemicals on the spreadsheet, check the box at the top of the sheet "Do not possess or did not ship any of these chemicals during 2017."

6. Fill out the top of the sheet with:

  • Principal Investigtor or Facility Manager
    • Researchers, indicate the researcher(s) responsible for the laboratory (principal investigator of record)
    • Facility managers, indicate the the manager responsible for this facility, farm, or research station
  • Reporting for spaces in building: chemicals are reported to Homeland Security by building or facility. Indicate the building or facility the report covers.
  • Date: date you have completed this form. Forms are due by January 31st of each year.
  • Person completing this form: Name of the person completing the spreadsheet, if not the same as the PI / facility manager
  • Contact information: phone number of person completing the form

7. Send the completed COI Worksheet (in Excel format) to via email or FileDepot.