Storm Water Management

Michigan State University has a Municipal Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit through the MDEQ. An MS4 is a system of drainage (including roads, storm drains, pipes and ditches, etc.) that is not a combined sewer or part of a sewage treatment plant. During wet weather, pollutants are transported through MS4s to local waterbodies. The goal of this permit is to reduce the discharge of pollutants to surface waters of the state. Under the permit, post-construction storm water run-off from all new and redevelopment projects must meet specified storm water discharge criteria as defined in the MSU Storm water design standards. This permit also covers regular housekeeping activities and best management practices that must be employed around campus to prevent any contamination from reaching the storm drains. A campus-wide storm water committee oversees MSU’s MS4 General Watershed Permit.

MDEQ Reference: Michigan's Storm Water Program